Logistics & Storing
GMA Petrokimya Services

We are specialized in all forms of logistics and storing services in the regions we operate.

  • Advanced experience in truck, railway, and marine operations for transportation and logistics of a diverse range of liquid and dry bulk products across different countries and cities.
  • The group owns 120+ LPG semi-trailers and 50+ fuel tankers operating in the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan line.

LPG Storage Tanks with capacity of 8000 Tons in different regions
  • Turghundi/Afghanistan
  • Herat/Afghanistan
  • Kabul/Afghanista
  • Kandahar/Afghanistan
  • Paktiya/Afghanistan
  • Hairatan/Afghanistan

Petroleum Storage Terminals with capacity of 100,000 Tons
  • Hairatan/Afghanistan
  • Aqina/Afghanistan
  • Turghundi/Afghanistan
  • Herat/Afghanistan
  • Kabul/Afghanistan
  • Bukhara/Uzbekistan

Dry Bulk Storage with capacity of 100,000 Tons in Herat/Afghanistan